Our Services

Welcome to our services page !
As you'll see, we offer a wide range of services : From a complete responsive website to maintenance plans, visual identity or even internationalizing your website, our web agency takes care of everything for you !

Complete Package Responsive website Visaul identity Maintenance Seo Multilingual

Complete Package

Website, visual identity, maintenance plan, search engine optimization and a lot more !

You are starting your business, a new brand or getting bigger ? The complete package is made for you ! We take care of your website, your graphic chart, your search engine optimization and the maintenance. Your customer will recognize you and you'll build a strong brand identity.

  • Visual identity


    Placing your identity and your website in our hands is giving yourself a perfect and unique blend to your image. We hear your needs, your story in order to create a modern and powerfull logo and graphic chart.

  • Responsive website Static CMR Ecommerce


    Our websites are unique, they are developped for you and with a reponsive design (adapting to the visitor's screen size). Our skills are diverse, wether you need an online store, a corporate website or a highly efficient web application we will study and realize your project with passion and offer you a follow up.

  • Maintaining the website Fixing issues Integrating new features


    Maintaining your brand identity and your website is crucial. That's why we offer you a maintenance plan to ensure a fast reponse time and adapted to any circumstances.

Responsive Website

Large screen, tablet, mobile phone ? Why not just choose mobility thanks to our responsive designed websites !

You want a highly performant website at an affordable price ? Ride on ! We use top of the art technologies and build custom designs. All our websites are responsive, it's not an option. We choose the best solutions for your needs and make sure you enjoy your presence on the web !

Responsive website Phone Tablet Laptop Computer Display
  • Static website Flat website


    We offer static websites (mainly corporate) with unique designs, meaning the content cannot be changed through an administrator interface. The cost is therefore reduced as well as the maintenance. If you choose a static website, we will build it on the fastest php framework (phalconphp).

  • Online store Ecommerce Magento Opencart Prestashop


    An online store with a unique design, a follow up and a training session. That's what the Troll can provide you ! We master three famous platforms, Magento, PrestaShop and OpenCart, it allows us to have a flexible offer adapted to your budget and your needs.

  • Dynamic CMS Wordpress Custom cms Add content


    A dynamic website is a website with a Content Management System. Which means the website comes with an administrator interface, that you can access with a username and password, to modify the content of your website. We create websites with custom CMS or with WordPress. The online store comes automatically with a CMS.

Visual identity Color scheme Logo Brochure Flyers

Visual Identity

Being constant isn't just good for ridiculous people ! Trust us with your visual identity and enjoy a flawless graphic personality

Logo, Brochure, Business cards or full Graphic chart. We do all of it and we make sure it fits your activity, your business personality and your tastes. We listen to your proposition and work along your side simply because that's the way it should be !

  • Brochure Flyers Signage Adds Business cards Stickers


    From the artboard to the printer, we'll take care of your prints. Whether it is a commercial brochure, a flyer, a catalogue or business cards. We feed the Troll will listen to all your ideas and do everything to make it alive.

  • Logo Templates Digital brochure Interactive pdf


    Logo, color scheme, newsletter design, online adds or videos. We enjoy creating digital visuals and we know you'll enjoy working with us! We will empower your brand.


An update ? Changing your server ? Random issues ? Let us take care of your website and keep browsing free minded !

It is a key part of your online strategy. Being able to scale, fix, update your website as fast as possible is essential. We offer such solution, by monthly plan or for a single operation, it is all up to you !

Maintenance Fixing issues
  • Maintenance plan Maintenance contract All day intervention


    Have you ever wanted to be able to call your service provider and get a solution and then the bill instead of waiting for the quote, then the bill and then the solution ? Well, that's exactly what we provide. A monthly subscription bringing you a fast reponse to a maintenance issue at anytime.

  • Maintenance operation


    You might only want a single maintenance operation, punctually, that's ok, we'll help you too! We'll analyse the issue and give you a quote.

Search engine optimization Finding your website Addwords


Your website is lost in the world wide web ? It is imposible to find you in the main search engines ? Your Facebook account doesn't manage to get followers ? Let us take care of your search engine optimization and let new prospects come to you !

We know you want to be at the top and we're here to help you doing it. Your content is important and we will advise you on how it can boost your ranking on popular search engines but the code that builds your website is also a key part ! That's why we will not only advise you on search engine optimization, we will improve your website for that ! We'll make sure you have all the tools to climb the ladder.

  • SEO-Friendly websites Spider tags W3C compliant


    It takes a lot for a website to be at the top of the search engines. But it all starts with a well coded website. Indeed, it doesn't take just money or adds to push it to the top, the search engines also need a clear code to be able to annalyze it. That's why at We Feed The Troll we make sure your website is properly coded, therefore making the most of your natural SEO, saving you money and bringing you new prospects !

  • SEO study case Optimization Natural indexation


    Experiencing troubles getting to the top ? Your websites is hard to find even after spending a lot on google addwords and you can't figure out why ? Why not let us have a look at your website and provide you usefull advises and solution to boost your SEO !


The world wide web doesn't have any borders, so why should your website have some ? Internationalize it and break the language barrier !

There are over 190 countries in the world, therefore making your website or online store international is a powerfull opportunity to increase your sales and your brand recognition. That's why we will implement it for you ! We make your website multilingual or we add an extra language and if you're willing, we even take care of the translation !

internationalization Multilingual English French Spanish Translate
  • Bilingual websites Languages Translated


    Take advantage of internationalizing your website. At We Feed The Troll we adapt your website to your area, we add languages to it and we do what it takes for you to integrate nous languages without hustle, all of that taking care of the natural SEO accordingly to the language you picked !

  • Add language Internationalize website


    Want to target a new area ? Need to integrate a new language to your website ? We are here for you, and we even take care about the translation if you want us to (through professional translators or even ourselves for english, spanish and french *)
    * Exeption made for legal mentions